Warrior Energy
The Sky God Tiw

This is the Rune of the Spiritual Warrior. Always the battle of the Spiritual Warrior is with the self. Funding a will through action, yet unattached to outcomes, remaining mindful that all you can really do is stay out of your own way and let the will of Heaven flow through you - these are among the hallmarks of the Spiritual Warrtor.

Embodied in this Rune is the sword of discrimination that enables you to cut away the old, the extraneous. And yet, with Teiwaz comes certain knowledge that the universe always has the first move. Patience is the virtue of this Rune, and it recalls the words of St. Augustine that "the reward of patience is patience."

Here, you are asked to look within, to delve down to the foundations of your life itself. Only in so doing can you hope to deal with the deepest needs of your nature and to tap into your most profound resources. The molding of character is at issue when Teiwaz appears in your spread.

Associated with this Rune are the sun, masculine energy, the active principle. The urge toward conquest is prominent here, especially self-conquest, which is . lifelong: pursuit and calls for awareness, single- mindedness and the willingness to undergo your passsage with compassion and in total trust.

In issues of relationship, devotion to a cause, an idea or a path of conduct, the Warrior Rune counsels perseverance, although at times the kind of perseverence required is patience.

Teiwaz is a Rune of courage and dedication. In ancient times it was this glyph warriors painted on their shields before battle. Now, the same symbol strenghens your resolve in the struggle of the Self with self.

Reversed: The danger is that through hasty or illtimed action, life force leaks out or is spilled away, if an association is short-lived, do not grieve, but Icnow that it has fulfilled its span. Matters of trust and confidence are at issue here, and with them the authenticity of your way of being in the world.

Reversed, Teiwaz calls for examining your motives Is it self-conquest with which you are concerned, or are you trying to dominate another? Are you lusting after outcomes, or are you focused on the task for its own:. sake?

You will find the answers within yourself, not in: outside advice. When you consult the Runes, you are consulting the Self, the action proper to a Spiritual Warrior.