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Video of Basil

Boom! Boom!


Basil's Home Page.

Here is actual FOOTAGE of our hero, BASIL BRUSH himself.

Fourteen seconds of glorious black and white bliss!

Here it is in AVI format (5.2 MB).

5.2 MB too big? Here it is zipped (1.2 MB).

Basil is talking about Happy Alice. Anyone know who she is?

Check out Basil's audience interaction, and the tail movements.

If anyone can transcribe exactly what is being said please let Kevin or Martin know.

SirK makes the first translation attempt:
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 15:07:57 +1200
From: Sir K 
Subject: video of Basil

It says at the bottom of the page if anyone can transcribe it to mail
you, Well, I can tel you that what you have on the page is wrong, it's
not happy alice, It's Pappy Halace..

Here is what the skit is, 

Pappy Halace? Pappy Halace? Haa ha haaahaaaa, Old suppey Cerved at
midnight  haaa ha haa , I say Cinders, I say Cinders, you can go Pance
with the Drince.

They are getting letters mixed up,  Like miss prining on a flyer or
somthing, the only part of that i am not sure of is the "Old suppey
cerved at midnight" I would asume it is "Old Supper Carved at midnight", 

Anyway, i hope my input has helped you.

Garath makes another From: Gareth To: Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 14:15:31 +0100 Subject: Basil Brush vid Hey guys, It's not "Happy Alice" or even "Pappy Halace", it's "Pat the Alace" - i.e. "At the Palace". I would also make a shrewd guess that the other bit - that sounds like "bold suppay cerved at nidmight" - means "cold buffet served at midnight". Gareth