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THE TIMES of the UK announces new Basil show!

I cannot seem to make a link to the online article, so I will reprint it here:

October 7, 2000:
My TV: Basil Brush
It's been nearly 40 years since Britain's most loveable fox made his television debut in 1963. Back then, his cheeky volpine antics regularly attracted audiences of more than 13 million to his Saturday evening show - the sort of ratings that Greg Dyke can only dream about today.

New! Color Video clip of the furry one. (9/20/98)

B&W Video clip of the furry one. (5/20/97)

More about Basil Brush.

First few seconds of a Basil 1972 show (new 1/18/01).

Mark Smith from Copenhagen, Denmark gives us the "Basil de Farmer" song.

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NewsFlash from York University.

Basil's message to drivers on the M6. (1MB and scratchy!) Thanks to Duncan

Basil had a number of partners, from Mr. Derek (Derek Foulds) through to Mr. Howard. There was also Roy North, a comic genius.
And don't forget Ticker the dog.

Basil and the HMS FOX. (5/7/04)

The BBC's cult Basil site.

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