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Q. I've tried everything. The Test button works fine, I've set all the optional switches, its a system DSN, I have permission to access the database from IIS, I've read and tried everything else in the FAQ, what else can I do to find out what is going on?

It is often useful to enable ODBC tracing. In the Control Panel, double click the ODBC icon, and select the Tracing Tab. Select the options you need to enable tracing.

If you are using SQL Server, you can use the Profiler to examine the incoming requests to the database. Other databases should have a similar diagnostic tool.

As a last resort, there is a debug mode that you can enable as follows: In

	/Flicks Software
create a value called MARIO, of type DWORD, and set it to be 1. Stop and restart IIS Admin Service (IIS4/5 and above) or World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS3) from the control panel.
Restart WMS if you are using VideoQuota.
When it fails, check out the application event log. You should see various extra entries and they should say things like this: The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( MARIO Debug1 ) could not be found. It contains the following insertion string(s): 1 rows, password from db is: *petepete* password supplied is: *petepete.

Inspect all the values and output generated, they should give extra clues as to what is going on.

If it says 0 rows, then likely the connection to the db is failing.

For more detailed messages, set MARIO to be 2.
For really detailed messages, set MARIO to be 3.

Note 1: In some circumstances, turning on the Options/Passwords checkboxes can leave encoding/encryption on, even when the checkboxes are subsequently turned off.
This will have the effect of no usernames/passwords ever being able to log in, even though the Test button succeeds.
In the AuthentiXConfig registry, using regedt32.exe, area mentioned above, make sure there are no keys containing "EncryptDLL" - if there are, delete them, and reboot.

Note 2: If you ordered the software "By IP Address" and you change the IP address, ODBC access will stop working. Running the application will show "Trial Expired". The application log event will have an entry saying "Trying to ODBC lookup, but trial expired". See "Delivery Method" on the product order page, where it says: "I understand if the IP changes I will have to upgrade."

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