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Flicks Software launches ocxQmail V2 with FollowUpMail(TM) technology.


SANTA MONICA, CA (July 14, 1998) - Flicks Software, a leading provider of software for the Internet, today announced the release of Version 2 of Flicks Software's ocxQmail including FollowUpMail(TM) technology.

Flicks Software's ocxQmail component allows you to send and schedule mail for future delivery using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.
The ability to schedule email allows webmasters to create a personalized, followup email campaign for every website visitor that registers with their email address.

The utility will be available for free trial download beginning Tuesday, 14th July 1998, from Flicks Software's site at http://www.flicks.com/ocxQmail/.
and is available for purchase at $199.

System requirements: Windows NT/2000 and IIS V3 or above with an OCX/COM container, (eg IIS and ASP, Visual Basic, SQLServer, Cold Fusion).

With Installshield setup. automatic installation, and registration of the OCX component on your system, ocxQmail is a snap to install.
The software allows attachments, blind-copies, receipt-requested and more!

"When a visitor to your website voluntarily provides their email address, they are showing a commitment to your products or services,"
said Kevin Flick, President of Flicks Software.
"This is an immediate and valuable opportunity to establish a dialog with the visitor. The web is all about mass communication on a one-to-one basis and ocxQmail is designed for one-on-one email followups. We created a free tutorial with examples at
http://www.flicks.com/ocxQmail/tutorial/followupmail.htm to help make it easy to create followup email campaigns. "

ocxQmail is an essential complement to any web marketer's arsenal of tools to help strengthen the on-line community of their website.

Flicks Software is a leading provider of client/server software. The privately held development company has principal offices in Santa Monica, California.

For information, call 310 526 0325

Flicks Software's Web address is http://www.flicks.com.