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The Membership System software for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), allows you to protect directories by asking browsers for their username and password. using HTTP-standard Basic Authentication.

The general procedure for setting up access authorizations for your users is the following:

  1. Create one or more groups (see Create a New Group).
  2. Set up access authorizations to directories for each group (see Set Up Access Authorizations and Messages).
  3. Add users to the groups (see Add a New User to a Group). Optionally, you can create users first (see Add a New User).

FrontPage Note
If you need to use FrontPage with the Membership System software, make sure that IIS has Basic authentication turned off and NT Challenge Response turned on .
In the Windows GUI Options dialog box, turn on the checkbox labelled "Don't authenticate Frontpage Directories (with _vti_ in them) even if they are in an protected directory" .
Make sure that the anonymous user can access the actual directory, without AuthentiX, then Add AuthentiX protection.

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