Edit a Group
  1. In the Administration page, click Edit Group. The Select Group to Edit page is loaded.
  2. In the Group List, click on the group you want to edit.The Edit Group page is loaded.
  3. You can change the name of the group and/or change the members of the group.
  4. In the list box of non-member user names, select each name that is to be included in the group. To select a name, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the left mouse button on the name. To deselect a name, repeat the Ctrl-click action. (To select multiple contiguous names, use Shift-click to select two names; all names in between will also be selected.)
  5. Click Add to add the selected users.
  6. Similarly, to remove users, select the members to be removed, and click Remove.
  7. Click OK when done.

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