Set Up Access Authorizations and Messages

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When setting up access authorizations, you can assign each protected directory its own Realm name and "Access Denied" message. The Realm is a descriptive name for the directory you are protecting (for example, "Catalog," "Subscription Area"). The Realm name is displayed in the prompt that asks browsers to enter their username and password.
If you have different directories in the same domain and you do not want the user to have to re-enter their username/password when browsing between the directories, be sure to give each directory the same authorization realm.

To set up access authorizations:

  1. In the main dialog, click Access. The Authorization list dialog displays.
  2. Click Add. The Authorization Set Up dialog displays.
  3. Enter a full pathname in the Allow access to path field, or click Browse and select a directory.
  4. Select the users and the groups that will be allowed to access the directory that you selected in step 3. To make a selection, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each name with the left mouse button. To deselect a name, repeat the Ctrl-click action. (To select multiple, contiguous names or groups, use Shift-click to select two names or groups; all list items in between will also be selected.)
  5. Click Advanced. The Advanced dialog displays. (Tip: Maximize this help window, if necessary, to view the whole picture below.)
  6. Enter a descriptive name for the protected directory in the Authorization Realm field.
  7. In the Access Denied Message text box, add an explanatory message telling visitors what to do if they cannot log in.
  8. Click OK when done.

To check the authorization setup:
Use a browser to access files in the protected directory via a URL and IIS (do not browse directly to the local file). You should be prompted for your credentials. Remember that browsers cache your password for a particular directory. Should you want to check the directory protection twice or more, close down and restart your browser each time.

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