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Flicks Software's ocxQmail speeds execution of Active Server Pages that send email messages.

With FollowUpMail(TM) technology in Version 2, ocxQmail is superb for making automated email messages 2, 5, 10 days or more after the event,

Version 3 allows you to

  • specify multiple mailservers, failing over to the next in the list if the previous ones are down or unavaliable.
  • use the mailserver of the recipient, using the special mail server name "<recipient_domain>" enabling an increase in throughput of several orders of magnitude.
  • set an option to always try the recipients mailserver first, allowing existing deployments to seamlessly take advantage of this powerful new functionality.
  • automatically reschedule an email if the target mailserver is down for a period of days, as occurred with the "ILoveYou" virus et al.
  • Store sent messages in a "Sent Files" folder for later review
  • Better logs for each message, allowing you to see which mailservers were tried, what error messages (if any) and the status of each message.
  • An option for existing OCXMail customers to transparently upgrade OCXMail to use ocxQmail functionality without any source code ASP/VB changes on your website!
  • FollowUpMail(TM)

    Press Release

    When prospects sign up for your products, services or membership areas use ocxQmail's FollowUpMail(TM) to emphasise the benefits of your web offerings.

    • Increase conversions to paid-product!
    • Show customers why they need to shop with you!

    When a visitor leaves their name at your site, that is the time to press the advantage. If you get back to them regularly, they'll know you care and will buy from you.

    The messages you send can be directly targeted and you can create your own custom sequences

    If you have products available for free trial download here's what you can do:
    User downloads a 30-day trial edition of your software. This triggers the following automated process:

    • Immediate: Acknowledgment message.
    • Day 2: Appreciative, personalized letter from tech support to help with any installation or operation issues.
    • Day 5: First Installment of a five-part extension course on how to use the your software.
    • Day 15: Tips and tricks.
    • Day 20: Second Installment of the five-part extension course.
    • Day 28: Software about to time out!

    With the SendAt method, nothing could be easier than creating automatic ASP pages that send ocxQmail's FollowUpMail(TM) on every single sign-up.

    Try reading the tutorial on creating Followup email campaigns.

    There are many examples of how the followup mail capability can be used in other settings such as Corporate/Intranet. For example:

    • There is an important meeting scheduled for 1 week from now, use ocxQmail to schedule email reminders for 3, 2 and 1 day before the event.
    • Every time a new employee joins, send her a welcome message, then a week later schedule an email asking if she has had time to read the introduction to the Human Resources manual After 2 weeks, give her the telephone number of Payroll, for any problems with her paycheck. After 3 months send her manager an email reminding the manager of her 3 month probationary review, etc. All from a single ASP page (or VB program etc) run once for each new employee.
    • Meeting followup. A successful meeting concludes with a list of action items. Immediately after the meeting the manager sets reminder emails for each of her employees (blind-copying herself), a day before each deliverable is due.

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    Great for sending attachments or large numbers of recipients

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    An Enterprise solution,
    ocxQmail is scalable and distributed.

    SQL Server samples, ASP samples

    The ocxQmail ASP component allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. Latest version is 2.52, and includes improvements over version 2.0 for

    • attachments;
    • dates viewed in Outlook Express.

    Unlike other simple emailers, ocxQmail, queues up messages for batch delivery by a companion NT Service at intervals you specify in the Administration Windows GUI.
    Your ASP pages do not have to wait for the mail message to be physically sent before continuing.


    • Minimize the time your visitors must wait for your pages to respond.
    • Balance the load on your IIS webserver.
    • Offload the actual dispatching of messages to a second machine, increasing the responsiveness of your main webserver (additional license required).
    • Simple InstallShield installation and uninstallation

    ocxQmail has the following features:

    • Failed message notification to error directory, event log and/or email notification.
    • Specify message priority, return receipt requested.
    • To, CC and Bcc.
    • Attachments.
    • Installation automatically installs and runs ocxQmail NT Service.
    • Installation automatically registers the ocxQmail OCX component.
    • Administration module configures the number of concurrent threads the Mail dispatcher uses for sending spooled messages.
    • Multithreaded dispatching, with thread-pooling.
    • Administration module configures how often the Mail dispatcher check the spool directory.


    Installation is easy and helpful.
    • All files are placed in the correct directories.
    • The NT Service module is installed and started for you.
    • The OCX/ASP module is registered to the system - no need to look for regsvr32. You can use the Q method in your ASP pages straightaway.
    • The spooling directory is automatically created if not there.
    • The Windows Adminstration GUI is launched, so you can inspect the settings and modify them easily.
    • ocxQmail is self contained, and comes with everything you need for fast ASP email pages.
    Uninstallation is just as painless - make sure you stop IIS first! .
    • The ocxQmail service is stopped, and removed.
    • The OCX/ASP module is unregistered
    • All the files are removed. Exception: Spool files and configuration data are preserved, should you decide to reinstall later.

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