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Supports WMS9
By Referrer Protection included!

Note: as of 6/1/04 Microsoft has declared that software based on Windows 2003 WMS9 plug-ins, such as VideoQuota, require Windows 2003, Enterprise Edition. There is no technical reason for this, and Flicks Software regrets this policy.

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VideoQuota: $1650

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VideoQuota License $1650

No limitation on the number of different directories that may be protected.
Includes Internal Database Data-Source and one additional data-source/customer license.


Note: One license per machine installation is required (and see details on development licenses, data-source/customer licenses and per-CPU fees below). Cluster Servers require one license per machine. Backup servers require one license per machine.

Technical Support

$199 - one year technical support during business hours (PCT) and Free Upgrades upon request for one year.

Additional CPU licenses on the same machine.

A single dual-core CPU processor counts as a single CPU processor.

Single CPU license included.
Two CPU license: $399 extra.
Three CPU license: $499 extra.
Four or more CPU license: $599 extra.

Number of Users - Membership License

Internal Database, up to ~8000. No additional charge.
Up to 20,000 users. No additional charge.
Up to 200,000 users. $995 extra.
Up to 1,000,000 users. $2995 extra.
More than 1,000,000 users. $6995 extra.

Note: The Membership License is intended to reflect the additional value represented by the software where large numbers of members are involved. If multiple AuthentiX machine licenses are purchased, each accessing the same set of users in the same database, then only one Membership License is required.


So long as you install to the original installation directory, your existing configuration data will be preserved.

The next page will show a summary of your order, and invite you to submit the transaction. Once the transaction is approved, you will be emailed the software as an attachment, with installation instructions and an electronic receipt.

Note: For larger databases with thousands of users, it is recommended to use a commercial grade ODBC database such as Oracle or SQL Server, and not to use the internal database. For tens of thousands of users, the internal database is not supported.
The internal database is mainly intended to help customers get started easily up to a few thousand users.