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AuthentiX Supports Windows 2003 Server ( IIS 6 ) The latest versions of AuthentiX and WebQuota ( 5.6 a +) now support Windows 2003 server (IIS 6). As you migrate your systems to Windows 2003 server (IIS 6), simply upgrade to the latest version of AuthentiX or WebQuota (

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WebQuota vastly improved – with cookie based limited concurrent logins

WebQuota improves on AuthentiX by identifying users who jeopardize your security and steal your profits by sharing usernames and passwords. WebQuota now allows you to identify users who share usernames and password, by monitoring the user’s cookie ! Previously concurrent logins could be identified by monitoring the username and the originating IP address. Yet because many proxy hosts revolve IP address mid session, a legitimate user can appear to be coming from multiple IP addresses – making it seem like they are sharing their password with friends. Using cookie based limited concurrent logins, a unique cookie accurately identifies illicit users who share passwords, and takes the appropriate action to protect your profits. Combine WebQuota with Password Check (see below) for enhanced server security.

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VideoQuota has new feature for Protecting By Referrer : Timer Tokens!

Protection by Referrer is the method by which you allow only those visitors coming from approved websites to access your member only content. To date, Windows Media Server and Player do not pass a referring URL. VideoQuota 5.5 G includes Timer Tokens ™ , which utilizes the referring information that is passed through the http:// protocol to allow approved referring web visitors access to member-only streaming content served over the mms:// protocol.

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Ensure your website’s security with strong passwords, and PasswordCheck!

One of the most common server security vulnerabilities is users who have weak (a.k.a. easily guessable) passwords. PCheck is a COM component that checks passwords for character limitations and requirements, ensuring that your members use strong passwords. Strong passwords are much more difficult for a hacker to “guess”, providing further protection against dictionary (brute force) attacks. With PasswordCheck, you can enforce minimum and maximum password length, alphanumeric password, passwords uniqueness as compared to the username, and many other features.

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NEW : EZIC adds ‘Verified by Visa’ to its Robust Fraud Prevention Solutions.

Flicks Software customers who run subscription websites already know the dangers of chargebacks. In card-not-present transactions, the merchant becomes responsible for chargebacks (sometimes known as "I didn't do it charges" which often result from identity theft or stolen card use.) Excessive chargebacks jeopardize your merchant account status. EZIC, a leader in high performance digital payment processing solutions, now offers ‘Verified by Visa’ in addition to an arsenal of other fraud prevention services.

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Christian Perry with Smart Computing ( compares AuthentiX with another solution.
“…AuthentiX is the better choice. “

Supercharge your ocxQmail !

Change queued emails as your relationship with the recipient changes. For instance, if a potential customer becomes a paying customer, this script allows you to delete all pending emails (such as discount offers) and create a new set of emails specifically targeted to meet your customers changing needs !

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Customize Authentication Methods

The Software Development Kit for AuthentiX / WebQuota allows you to customize your authentication solutions! Companies all over the world are integrating AuthentiX and WebQuota into their out of the box solution (read about SmartBox below!!). And so can you. Just use the SDK. Details found here:

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Free AuthentiX / WebQuota upgrade with the purchase of Titan (standard versions only. Must have current version).