Last updated: 3/18/2020
System Requirements: IIS3 or above. Available for Intel.
WinInet.dll (installed with Internet Explorer) required for some functions.

Quotes: WebQuota is an absolute dream come true
Quotes: as easy as pie to use.
Quotes: WebQuota saved me $4000 the first day!

WebQuota is AuthentiX plus:

  • Limit Concurrent Logins
  • Usage Throttling
  • Dictionary Attack Protection
  • More...

NEW!! (1/30/2020) WebQuota (standard) nows includes cookie based Limited Concurrent Logins protection- which prevents password sharing, even for users with revolving IP addresses! Read more here

Version 5.0e 8/2/99 - AOL fix for multiple Class C proxy addresses Upgrade here
Purchase: $645 Functionality Chart Snapshots

Building upon the success of AuthentiX, WebQuota offers capabilities for webmasters who are concerned about misuse of website membership privileges.
Existing AuthentiX customers can upgrade to WebQuota here.
WebQuota is a replacement, not an add-on, for AuthentiX. WebQuota is functionally equivalent to AuthentiX except with advanced features for account abuse prevention.
Concurrency Metering/Corporate Licensing now available in WebQuota CMCL Edition

Protect your IIS Web directories...
Prevent web account abuse.

Basic Authentication or Cookie-based Authentication.

Validate against

  • Internal Database
  • External ODBC database
  • NTFS
  • Text file
Limit concurrent logins to your website.

Automatically terminate Internal or ODBC accounts where usernames and passwords have been posted to the 'net.

Apply quotas to usage - limit the total number of KBytes, HTTP requests and/or logins granted in a given period.

Apply quotas to accounts in

  • Internal Database
  • External ODBC database
  • NTFS
  • Text file

Kill Spiders (restrict by User-Agent).

Protect against Dictionary Attacks: Deny access to IP Addresses that make frequent invalid login attempts.

Frontpage, AOL, WebTV compatible.

Remote Administration. Full OCX/ASP support.

Access Denied message can be generated on the fly, responsive to username and IP address.

On-line Commerce: automatically charge users for sign up and add them to the internal database. Click here for Credit Card Clearers for whom WebQuota already has integration modules.

The ISP version of WebQuota, WebQuota ISP is proportionally priced to AuthentiX ISP (5:3).

Functionality Chart:
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Purchase: $645 Functionality Chart Snapshots