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WebQuota CMCL Edition

System Requirements:
  • IIS5 or IIS6.
  • Active Server Pages.
  • Cookie-based login only.

WebQuota CMCL Edition is our highest-end offering and is designed with two specific goals in mind:
  • Concurrency Metering
  • Corporate Licensing of membership areas
The pricing structure differs from our other products.

Concurrency Metering - what's different to standard WebQuota?

WebQuota is designed for account abuse detection and prevention. This is ideal for websites whose webmasters have experienced such abusive practices as
  • Posting username/password combinations on newsgroups or websites.
  • Wholesale downloading of a website's content, sometimes to be republished without permission.
  • Dictionary attacks attempting to guess username/password combinations
Account abuse protection works efficiently in WebQuota with both cookie based protection and Basic Authentication.

However your requirement may be to accurately meter how many concurrent logins are permitted at one time. WebQuota CMCL Edition addresses this need.

WebQuota CMCL Edition concurrency metering requires cookie based authentication and issues a unique "ticket" to each browser that visits the membership protected area.

This ticket is then used to differentiate between unique users. AOL users can be tracked this way, despite AOL consolidating HTTP requests and farming them out to proxy servers each with different IP addresses. Even two different browsers on the same machine will represent two distinct users.

Corporate Licensing - what's that?

WebQuota CMCL Edition allows the number of concurrent logins to be set on a per-user basis. Whether you are using the internal database or your own ODBC database, you can specify how many times each user can be logged in at the same time.

For example: Your website provides information to corporate clients, and you provide this information for a fee based on the size of the corporate client and the amount of access they desire. WebQuota CMCL Edition Corporate Licensing allows you to grant a single username and password to each institution and set the concurrent usage separately for each organization.

License Fees

Licensing is based on the total number of concurrent logins (or users) with a minimum license fee of $3000. The license for each user is $5.
  • Example 1: You have 30 corporate clients of whom 10 have permission for 300 concurrent accesses, the remainder for 100. You charge $50 per month for each permitted access.
    Number of users:
    (10 * 300) + (20 * 100) = 3000 + 2000 = 5000
    Your monthly revenue:
    5000 * 50 = $250,000
    One-Time WebQuota CMCL Edition License Fee:
    5000 * 5 = $25,000
  • Example 2: You have 120 corporate clients of whom some have 1 accountant, others 2, some 5 and one has 12 acccountants. You charge a one time setup fee of $500 and require a link to your homepage on their homepage.
    Number of users:
    Varies - about 180.
    Your initial revenue:
    120 * 500 = $60,000
    One-Time WebQuota CMCL Edition License Fee:
    180 * 5 = $900: $3000 minimum applies.

If you need to upgrade the number of users, you may do so in blocks of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10000.

We accept purchase order (US only), credit card or check.

Trial Version

Download the trial version of WebQuota and install it. In the About Box, type Alt-P to bring up the Registration Code dialog. The serial number should be empty, the permission code should be empty. Replace the Registration code with the following string:
then reboot. WebQuota CMCL Edition functionality will be enabled.

Technical - how do I get it up and running?

First install and setup WebQuota.

Read the FAQ carefully.

Convert your Basic Authentication directory to cookie-based protection using site-wide cookie protection. More instructions here.

Use the ASPocxSamples\CookieLoginSiteWide sub-directory of the installation directory as a working example to get you started.

Note the use of GetConcurrencyToken in the file "EasyLoginNow.asp".

If you are using the internal database, then set each user's concurrency override in the following dialog: (or programatically via the OCX component using UserConcurrentOverride).

As you may note from the above dialog, WebQuota CMCL Edition allows you to specify whether concurrency metering is on a site-wide or per-directory basis:

If you are using an ODBC database, then specify the field in the user table that contains the numeric concurrency override value for that user: