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AuthentiX offers these advantages:

  • Validate against internal database or external ODBC datasource. ( see )
  • Removes IIS dependency upon Windows NT/2000 networking and security - no chance of NT/2000 security compromise.
  • Restrict concurrent logins. ( see ) (WebQuota only).
  • Protect all files (asp, htm, gif etc) in any directory.
  • Validate with Basic Authentication or with cookies. ( see )
  • Easily customizable web-specific security users/groups and browser based Remote Administration
  • Stops web users cluttering NT User database, slowing down NT.
  • Manage users via ASP with OCX module. ( see )
  • Netscape browsers authentication works without NT Challenge Response.
  • User can initiate logout without leaving browser (cookies only).
  • Login-session timeouts (cookies only). ( see )
  • Defeat Bandwidth Bandits - protect by referrer.
  • Users can maintain their own passwords. ( see )
  • Can specify realm and access-denied message per directory. ( see )
  • Can specify expiration for individual users - down to the nearest minute! ( see )
  • Support security on FAT or NTFS drives.
  • Logs username to IIS log file.

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