Last updated: 3/22/2020

Fast, filter-based IIS Authentication. Requires Windows NT or Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, IIS.


The essential tool for website access management. Cookie/Form-based or 100% cookie-free "Basic Authentication" website protection while keeping your NT Users Names and Passwords private. Protect all files, not just ASP pages. Validate against internal database, text file or external ODBC datasource.

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AuthentiX (rhymes with Flicks), for Microsoft's Internet Information Server - IIS3-IIS6.

Allows you to protect premium content directories and individual files by asking web-surfers for their username and password.

Yet still keep your NT user/password database separate and private.

Supports fine-grained (ie, sub-page level) access control for web pages. Restrict user access to an HTML button, field, URL, or text.

Full Web-based Authentication Control Panel.

Choose Cookie based protection or 100% cookie-free Basic Authentication protection (the default).

Validate against ODBC, text files, or the built-in database.

With ODBC, manage access to multiple webservers in a web-farm from a single database.

Manipulate the AuthentiX username/password database from Active Server Pages using the supplied OCX module.

Includes automated signup source code for ASP.

Easily retrieve the name of the currently logged in user
The username is automatically logged to IIS.

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"I have my own website. I want to protect my existing directories automatically, send email to registrants with their passwords and be notified by email when they sign up. I have another directory for which only customers in my ODBC customer database should be able to access."

Can I use AuthentiX at my ISP?

Optimized for FrontPage
Version 3.2 WebTV Compatible
OCX/ASP Support, ODBC Support, Cookie Support
ASP remote administration. Full functionality exposed via COM.
IP Failover: if restriction by IP fails, then ask for username/password.
Support for encrypted passwords in data sources.

Version 4.0e
Option to map requests to impersonate NT User
See who's currently logged in
Access denied message can be created on the fly from an ASP page!

Version 4.6c
Site wide cookies for multiple protected directories, with MD5 hashed password encryption.
Support for authentication via SQL stored procedures.
Integrated remote-browser-based ODBC username administration.

Version 5.1c
Updated Graphical Remote Admin
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Validate against internal database, text files, ODBC, stored procedures,
and even COM components with the AuthentiX Extensibility SDK. .
Automated filter installation. Win2K compatible.
Version 5.4
Wizard based setup for first time users.
Cookie failover: if user refuses cookies, then use Basic Authenication instead.
Authenticate by NT user: allowing extention of web-authentication from existing NT users to odbc without NT username/password migration headaches.
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Version 6.0 and above.
IIS6/Windows 2003 Compatible.
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Limit logins, Dictionary Attack Protection, throttling, spider protection now available in WebQuota
Concurrency Metering/Corporate Licensing now available in WebQuota CMCL Edition

Works fine with Windows 2000, 2003.

With AuthentiX OCX ActiveX control usernames and passwords can be managed from Visual Basic or ASP - includes a handy SendMail function! Full OCX documentation - click here. Use AuthentiX OCX and ASP to capture visitor information via questionaires before automatically granting access to premium content directories (this and many other examples supplied).

Each user can be given their own expiration date - just the thing for subscriptions.
Use ocxQmail, a separate product from Flicks Software, to schedule email warning of account expiration.
Check here for details on Credit Card clearers that provide approved integration modules with AuthentiX, and provide a direct commerce solution


AuthentiX also allows you to choose cookie-based Authentication.

Cookie configuration

Multiple directories, multiple groups, multiple users.


Protection By Referer

  • Permit access only to members coming from a different website.
  • Prevent bandwidth bandits stealing images directly from your website.

Full Browser Based Remote Administration, AuthentiX is compatible with all major browsers, including IE, Netscape, AOL, WebTV, etc.

Easily change the access denied error message, or the Authentication Realm (the message in the browser's pop-up dialog box)

Use an existing database with AuthentiX ODBC connectivity.

You can mix and match the AuthentiX database with your in house Access, SQL, Sybase or Oracle database, allowing on-the-fly remote additions to protected areas.

See who's on now:

Integrated remote-browser-based ODBC username administration.

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Per CPU. Additional CPU's extra.
Includes license for one data source.

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System Requirements: MS IIS Web Server V2, V3, V4, NT4, NT5, Intel Platform

Internet Service Providers should check out the multi-user AuthentiX ISP. AuthentiX ISP allows password protected delegation of admin rights to ISP customers.