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How to set up a system DSN

  • Go to the control panel.

  • [Windows 2000 and above only:] Double click Administrative Tools

  • [Windows 2000 and above only:] Double click Data Sources

  • Double click on the ODBC icon.

  • Click on the System DSN tab.

  • Click the Add button.

  • Select the ODBC driver (this will be the Microsoft Access Driver if your database is an Access database).

  • Click Finish.

  • You will now get driver specific setup screens. The following is for Microsoft Access, located on the same machine as the webserver.

  • Type in a Data Source Name (one that does not already exist) eg WQ1.

  • Type in a Description, eg WQ1 Authentication

  • Use the Select button to pick the .mdb file containing your database.

  • Click OK. If a dialog prompting for username/password appears, leave it blank and click OK again.

  • If you are a customer of an ISP using AuthentiX, and the ISP is setting this up for you (you cannot do it remotely) PLEASE ask them to take the extra step of selecting the System DSN they have created in the AuthentiX Windows GUI ODBC dialog . For security reasons this cannot be done remotely. The DSN string cannot be guessed. Once the DSN string is setup, you can cut and paste it to each and any directory you wish to protect via ODBC.

  • A useful source of sample connection strings is available here and further information here

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