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How to sign up users for 90 days, using ASP and the internal database.

Signing up users that expire after a given time period is very easy using the windows GUI or the remote administration module. When you add a new user, merely specify the expiration date.

If you want to automatically schedule an email to remind the user (or yourself) a few days before they expire, try ocxQmail, available separately, and its SendAt method.

Here is how to do this automatically using an ASP script:

First create a page that collects the username and password:


<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/scripts/sampleSignupProcess.asp">
<INPUT SIZE=30 NAME="username" MAXLENGTH=200> 
: <font color=blue>User Name</font>

<INPUT SIZE=30 NAME="password" MAXLENGTH=200> 
: <font color=blue>Password</font>
<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Submit">

Then use the following ASP file to collect the data, add the user to the internal database, and set their expiration to 90 days from now.


' Set this variable to be the AuthentiX group which is allowed
' access to the protected directory
authorizingGroup = "SampleGroup"

' Set this to be the number of days of permitted access,  
' 0 for no expiration
numberOfDays = 90

' Set this to be the downloadArea
downloadArea = "http://www.yourdomain.com/members/"

' fire up AuthentiX OCX object
Set auth = Server.CreateObject("AUTHXOCX.AuthXOCXCtrl.1") 

username = Request.Form("username")

if ("" = username) then
	response.Write("Empty Username")
End if

password = Request.Form("password")

addResult = auth.GroupAddNewUser(authorizingGroup, username, password, "", 0)

if (3 = addResult) Then
	' user already exists, maybe user has accessed other areas and 
	' now wants access to this dir
	addResult = auth.GroupAddUser(authorizingGroup, username)
	' override the random password with the stored one
	auth.UserPassword(username) = password
End If

if (0 <> numberOfDays) Then
	' Timeout users after a set period
	if (auth.UserExpiration(email_address) = Empty) Then 
		' if not already set then set it
		result = auth.UserModify(username, _
				username, _
				password, _
				"", _
				now + numberOfDays)
	End If
End If 

select case addResult
case 1  
	response.Write("Group does not exist.")
case 2 
	response.Write("Operation failed.")
case 0
	response.Write("Operation succeeded.")
End Select