Flicks Software realizes that authentication is only part of your entire web solution. The following providers rely upon Flicks Software to provide "best of class" integrated solutions.

Web Hosters / ISP's offering AuthentiX
eCommerce Solutions
Streaming Media Solutions
Online Credit Card Clearers

eCommerce Solutions

The newest release of LaGarde's E-Business solution, StoreFront 6.0, is packed with features like product import, drop ship, shipment tracking, developer APIs, and publish products to multiple marketplaces; all designed to help developers and merchants make more money and increase shopper satisfaction. And, all StoreFront purchases come with live tech support!

Web Based Solutions

iCONECT's web-based software products enable law firms and corporate legal departments to remotely access to their confidential legal information -- and are used by many of the largest law firms around the World, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and medical firms. For further information about iCONECTıs products and services, please visit
SmartBox is a web-based solution that allows users, regardless of location, to access and retrieve digital data assets, with minimal user training or IT intervention. "SmartBox Virtual Desktop is a low cost portal customizable to your company's needs, a perfect Intranet/Internet out-of-the-box. The Document Management and Management Reporting solutions are ready-to-go plug-ins that allow custom solutions to be developed rapidly."

Streaming Media

Widevine Cyper system from Widevine Technologies, content distributors can fully administer their user database, ensuring the integrity and security of their streaming media from the streaming server to client-side media player.

Candid Hosting is one of the leading Streaming Media data centers, and over the years has worked extensively with Flicks Software authentication solutions.

Experts with Flicks Software's VideoQuota, has over five years experience in the streaming industry; developing and implementing technologies for renowned companies such as Reuters, Credit Suisse, Swiss RH, FIFA, IOC , etc.

Online Credit Card Clearers

SubscriptiX is a free ASP script available from various on line credit card clearers.

AuthentiX, AuthentiX ISP, WebQuota, WebQuotaISP or VideoQuota are recommended with SubscriptiX to allow instant credit-card subscriptions to protected WebSites.

SubscriptiX, in combination with Flicks Software's Membership Systems is a commerce solution, and allows you to transform your website into a revenue producing business.


SubscriptiX is absolutely free

On-line credit-card clearer interface for the above products allows you to integrate online payments for users to subscribe to your protected areas. Includes recurring billing, free trial periods etc.

To use, set up your account with the CC clearer, and place the file on your website. Then, direct your CC clearer to "callback" to this file on your website.

These samples are written in ASP, and talk to the AuthentiX Internal Database. There is nothing to stop you writing your own version in ColdFusion or whatever you wish.

You might ask why it doesn't work with your ODBC database. Since each database is uniquely designed, you can use this example as a template and convert the calls from AUTHXOCX.AuthXOCXCtrl.1 to the appropriate ADO calls (or whatever web-database language you wish).

Each payment processor below has its own protocol for call-backs to your website. You should look to your payment processor to update its script if their protocol changes. Flicks Software can customize these for you at our usual consulting rate.

Sample Script




Epoch Transaction Services, Inc
Note: as at 6/08, Epoch has no support for Windows.
EZIC, Inc.


Netbilling Services
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Scripts by


Formerly ATS Bank --
Now Merchant Commerce

for IBill
CCBill prefers to use an ODBC database, so contact them to set this up...


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