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Technology Companies:

AT&T Microsoft
MCI Worldcom GTE
EDS Compaq
DEC Nortel Networks
Commonwealth Edison Motorola
Lucent Technologies Siemans Sweden
Intel Bell Atlantic Mobile
British Telecommunications Hewlett Packard



U.S. Department of Transportation, DC U.S. Department of State
United States Air Force United States Navy
United States Army The Pentagon
Ministry of Finance, Brazil Swedish Armed Forces
City of Bradford, UK Civil Aviation Authority, New Zealand
Swedish Rescue Services Agency Ministry of Agriculture, Netherlands
National Imagery & Mapping Agency, St. Louis Hong Kong Police Force
Federal Bureau of Investigation Interpol


Educational Establishments:

North Carolina State University Princeton University
University of Rochester Medical Center Harvard University
Oklahoma State University University of Michigan Law School
Savannah College of Art and Design University of Illinois
Southeast Missouri State University University of Phoenix
Northern Essex Community College University of British Columbia
University of Missouri-Columbia DeVry Institute of Technology
University of Texas Cornell University
University of Delaware  


Professional Organizations:

American Arbitration Association American Bar Association
Association of Shareware Professionals Los Angeles County Bar Association


Banking / Finance:

Bank of America UnionBank of the Philippines
Paine Webber International NationsBank, North Carolina
American Express Citicorp
Sun America Bank of Montreal
First Premier Bank CSB Financial Systems, Ltd.
Banc One Management Corp. Visa
First USA Bank National Bank of Belgium



Mitsubishi Lockheed Martin
Boeing Mitchel International (Thompson)
Northwestern Steel and Wire Sherwin Williams
Rockford Corporation Dalco Electronics
GE Nuclear Fuel Ericsson



Yahoo PSI Net
Process Software DataReturn
Innerhost Prime Internet
Extrafast SoftCom
Allair / Bright Tiger Technologies  



Universal Studios Time Warner Communications
McGraw-Hill Associated Press
Pierian Press Sony
HarpWeek Encyclopedia Britannica
Urner Barry Publications  


Health Care:

Quadramed Cooper Hospital, NJ
H. Lee Moffit Hill Cancer Research University Hospitals of Cleveland
North Philadelphia Health System Omni Health Care
BioMedical Engineering Laboratory, Singapore  

Case Studies:


5/22/2001 12:14:14 AM

Oliver Schibli loves the Internet. Having fooled with Windows Media Rights Administrator, Schibli was in desperate need of a solid authentication solution for Windows Media Services , which he runs on his Windows NT server with IIS 4. As a principal of ITV Media, - one of the most respected streaming solution providers in Europe - he is responsible for making sure their clients needs are addressed. And thanks to the Internet, he found VideoQuota from Flicks Software.

"We had no solution for ppv [Pay Per View] and we tried the Windows Media Rights Administrator , but it doesn't really work and even Microsoft has no solution for live streams." , Schibli continues , "We needed a fully trackable and easy to use ppv [Pay Per View] system which can either be controlled over a SQL server or over the web".

VideoQuota to the rescue. Schibli praises VideoQuota, "No one on the market has as good a pay per view and pay per minute system, especially when you consider the number of features that Videoquota provides."

VideoQuota level 3 allows Schibli to password protect all of his clients streaming media served through Windows Media Services, in addition to all of their standard http:// content. With the pay per view features, Schilbi’s clients are able to charge web users by the amount of time the spend watching online videos. Limited Concurrent Logins identifies users who share their password with friends, allowing Schibli to respond as he sees fit, including sending the user an email, or shutting down the account entirely. Bandwidth Throttling monitors the amount of bandwidth that any particular user takes in a given time period. And Dictionary Attack Protection helps prevent hackers from hammering the username / password box with random attempts created from a dictionary program.

For Schibli, VideoQuota level 3 is "THE only solutoion which fits to the needs of a ppv or ppm system we found on the internet". Had it not been for VideoQuota, "we would have not been able to fullfill our customer requests".

Thanks to VideoQuota, "We have been able to realize the project , which we couldn't do without VideoQuota."

Starting at $1650 for VideoQuota level 1, "The price is good and it's the best support I've ever had."

And as what would seem par for the course, the technical support from Flicks Software was excellent. "This is the most amazing support I've ever had in my life. Kevin [Flick, President of Flicks Software] himself installed it on the active server". Though credit must be given where credit is due, Oliver Schibli "installed it on our test server and it was really easy to install and the documentation was perfect."


6/12/2001 12:58:23 PM

Niclas Swanlund has a tough job. From the bay area, more specifically San Francisco, California, he runs - the official online fan club for the legendary music group, Metallica.

Metallica fans worldwide look to for the latest news about the band, including concert dates, location, upcoming albums, and of course official gossip.

Swanlund runs on a Windows 2000 server with IIS 5. And to password protect the member only areas of this website, Swanlund relies on WebQuota from Flicks Software.

"We have a unique ‘members area’ set up for members of the FanClub and we needed to make sure only members of the FanClub had access to it.", noted Swanlund.

WebQuota helps protect from Dictionary Attacks, where a hacker hammers the username/password field with random usernames and passwords, created from a dictionary program.

"We actually started out a long time ago using Authentix [also from Flicks Software]. Then we had a dictionary attack and updated to WebQuota and eliminated that problem!"

In addition to protecting from Dictionary Attacks, WebQuota also identifies users who share passwords, and limits the amount of bandwidth any particular user can download in a given period of time. This helps to prevent the fan club content from being redistributed by subversive users.

Swanlund has obviously found a benefit from what he refers to as ‘increase security’.

Relating to the technical support, Swanlund continues: "We had some problems as we do not have access to the root directory on our server. After help from support @ flicks we got it all solved" Their technical support was 'Very helpful'.


Sunset Investment Group (SIG), a Colorado based online stock quote provider, has seen great benefits from installing Flicks Software’s ‘WebQuota’. Before installing WebQuota on their windows NT/2000 servers, Sunset Investment Group was troubled by concerns from their users about cookie based authentication. Its recent installation of WebQuota has allowed Sunset Investment Group to effectively cater to the concerns of over 100,000 members. Emphasizing flexible authentication processes, Flicks Software’s ‘WebQuota’ has allowed Sunset Investment Group to integrate automated administration functions, and manage their membership-only area more efficiently.

A Critical Juncture

The move to Flicks Software’s ‘WebQuota’ came at a critical juncture for the Sunset Investment Group. After experiencing tremendous backlash from users regarding their cookie based authentication system, Sunset Investment Group’s CTO Chris Carlino was in need of an alternative authentication solution. “Users were refusing to accept the cookies for authentication, and in turn reducing Sunset Investment Group website traffic”, says Carlino. This had a direct effect upon membership revenues and banner advertising revenues. Fewer people visited their websites, and consequently their click through rates and banner advertising revenues dropped. "We needed a solution that didn’t require cookie base authentication nor sessions”, says Carlino . "WebQuota was the only solution on the market." WebQuota’s remote administration features allowed Sunset Investment Group to administer the website membership access via the Internet. WebQuota provided more functionality than Carlino need, offering free integration scripts that integrate their user database with their online credit card clearer. Their user database can automatically be updated when a new member’s credit card is validated. WebQuota can even allow Sunset Investment Group to integrate a script which automatically emails members their forgotten passwords. Facilitating the need for fast and easy installation, Carlino and his staff found the automatic installation process very accommodating. Sunset Investment Group Grows with help from ‘WebQuota’ ”Membership has increased greatly on all of our sites thanks to WebQuota”, said Carlino. “Members feel more comfortable using our services, knowing that cookies are not being installed on their hard drives”. Carlino selected Flicks Software’s ‘WebQuota’ for its price-performance, functionality, ease of use, and ease of administration. Carlino evaluated the problem extensively, and ‘WebQuota’ was the only solution. Sunset Investment Group has since added several large websites to their online information arsenal. And WebQuota has grown right along with them.

Flatrock Technology Consultants CASE STUDY


Wisconsin based Flatrock Technology Consultants needed to secure member only access to an investment resource website. The website required a private area where members could obtain information on publicly traded stocks. The website is hosted on an NT server, and a solution was required that validated users independently from NT. Flatrock Technology Consultants needed not only a proven solution to password protect member only areas, but they also needed a solution that integrated with their online credit card clearer and supported eCommerce, in addition to advanced methods to prevent account abuse.


Flatrock Technology Consultants found their solution in WebQuota by Flicks Software. WebQuota provided a proven authentication solution that worked independently from NT, integrated with their online credit card clearer to support eCommerce, and had advanced account abuse prevention features such as: · Limit Concurrent Logins - WebQuota identifies multiple logins of the same username/password from different IP addresses. This protects profits by stopping illicit users who post their username and password on the Internet. · Bandwidth Throttling – WebQuota allows the administrator to control the bandwidth used by each user. This stops subversive users from sourcing images directly off of the website. · Dictionary Attack Protection Flatrock Technology Consultants found that WebQuota was widely accepted by both their Web Hoster and online credit card clearer.


Flatrock Technology Consultants benefited by the functionality, convenience, and cost savings of WebQuota. “Because of Web Quota we were able to build the web site our client wanted, and stay with our host of choice on an NT server. It provides superior security and the HTML based control panel is quite simple to work with.” ,stated Bruce Resnick of Flatrock Technology Consultants, “This allowed us to fulfill our obligation to the client, and hand over control of his site to him. Both we AND the ultimate client were happy.”


GMAC Insurance, a Winston-Salem based automotive insurance provider, needed a scalable solution for mass-emailing their employees. Before installing Flicks Software’s ocxQmail, GMAC Insurance’s email communications were crippled by inefficient SMTP programs that did not have batch functionality. Its recent installation of Flicks Software’s ocxQmail has allowed GMAC Insurance to streamline its Internet application based email efforts. The acceleration of its email campaigns has helped GMAC Insurance to provide its 3500 employees with information faster—which drives sales and grows the business.

Accurate information to the salesforce sooner: That's the goal behind an Internet based batch email process being implemented by GMAC Insurance, an automotive insurance provider based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

An Important Issue

The move to batch emails from Internet applications, and GMAC Insurance’s adoption of ocxQmail has come at a critical juncture for the company. After thoroughly researching the market, GMAC’s Ryan Stone determined that ocxQmail was the only product on the market which met GMAC Insurance’s email needs. Stone was looking for a solution that would send batch emails using his current Compaq and IBM servers, running Windows NT/2000.

Prior to using ocxQmail, Stone relyed on SMTP products that did not have batch messaging capabilities.

"The primary goal was to enable our marketing team to disseminate information to the agents automatically.”, noted Stone. "Flicks Software’s ocxQmail was the only solution that allowed us to provide this capability”

The organizational model at GMAC Insurance heightened the need for communication of product knowledge via email. With 3500 employees in two states, email is the premier choice for instant product education. ocxQmail facilitates a rapid exchange of electronic dialogue between marketing and the sales agents in the field, which means faster product education and problem resolution.

GMAC Insurance Grows, Spurred by Streamlined Scheduling

E-mail usage has increased greatly, because it has timely value and is platform independent. The flexibility that ocxQmail affords is its ability to work with various Internet Applications.

GMAC Insurance selected ocxQmail for its price-performance, functionality, ease of use, and ease of administration. Considering these features and the benefits of ocxQmail, GMAC Insurance’s investment in ocxQmail yielded a high ROI.

The Daily Lists Case Study

Privately owned ‘The Daily Lists’needed an integrated solution for easily handling email distribution. ‘The Daily Lists’ is leading the new wave of dot coms that provide list services to the general public. The Daily Lists isn’t your run of the mill email content distributor. The majority of the services are provided in the form of an opt-in list-service, which go out to thousands of users daily. ‘The Daily List’ includes various selections such as the DailyJoke, DailyRecipe, DailyTrivia, and the DailyQuote. Each Daily List is a family-oriented mailing that is designed to provide the reader with entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration.

‘The Daily Lists’ needed an effective way to handle the more than 50,000 emails that they distribute daily. The Daily List turned to OCXMail from Flicks Software to ensure that their emails were delivered in a timely manner.

OCXMail allows ‘The Daily Lists’ to send email using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. This dovetailed perfectly into ‘The Daily Lists’ existing systems.

Ken Hanscom, President of The Daily Lists, appreciates the way OCXMail easily worked with his existing systems. “OCXMail completely integrated with our custom written Visual Basic applications!”, stated Hanscom.

Priced at $39.00, Hanscom’s ROI was enormous. OCXMail saves ‘The Daily Lists’ countless man hours every day. “Without OCXMail, we would be dead in the water”.

Thanks to OCXMail, ‘The Daily Lists’ is on target to mail over 100,000 e-mails a day by the end of summer 2000.

OCXMail is available at

Millenium Services Testimonial / Case Study

Millennium Services, LLC
August 16, 2000

Problem Statement

The company has no authentication on its web server. Authentication must be provided for selected areas of the company's web site.

Business Case

Certain data that will be displayed are customer-specific and sensitive. Authentication is required to protect the customers and the company's market information. The cost of compromising any of this data is incalculable. Any solution within reason is cost justified.


Server OS: Windows 2000 Server (dedicated)
Web Server: IIS
Firewall: SecureZone
Access: Dedicated T1


I considered several options after I scoured available technical resources at Microsoft, searched the technical references for Windows 2000 Server and searched the Internet. I discovered that most of the obvious options either assumed that the username and password would be transmitted in the clear or the setup and administration of secure authentication was arcane and painful. Further, the most viable options made use of Windows 2000 Server security parameters. This potentially exposes server security parameters to malicious attack.
I was under a tight deadline and could not afford to spend any amount of development time on authentication. Neither could I afford not to provide authentication for the company's web site. The final constraint is that I am a one-man IS shop. Any solution had to be easy to setup and maintain.

During the Internet search, the search utility pulled up a reference to Authentix. I read a little about the product, did some more searching to find similar products and found nothing. I saw that there was a free trial, so I loaded the free trial to the test server to see how it worked.
The results were better than I could have hoped for. I had my authentication. I did not have to expose the server security parameters. The testing period found no errors or problems with administration of Authentix. The remote administration feature is a definite plus.
I purchased a license and loaded it on the production server. The web site has been launched. The total time that I have spent on authentication development and administration after loading Authentix, including setting up the initial 20 customer logins is about one hour.

Final Costs

Authentix license $399.00
4 hours research
1 hour setup/admin

Lessons Learned

Spend development dollars wisely. Do not develop anything that has already been accomplished by someone else if you are able to purchase the solution at a reasonable price. Web server authentication and Authentix fit these two truisms very nicely.

Tallahassee Community College Case Study

Prior to installing AuthentiX, the Tallahassee Community College (TCC) would manually administer their distant learning membership authentication. This was a daunting task for TCC’s Gerardo Arevalo. Arevalo would have an OPS (Other Personnel Services) student manually enter users and set permissions in NT PDC. He would then get a printout from the mainframe ADABASE, allowing him to identify which students were enrolled in which courses at a specific point in time.

Entering users manually took a tremendous amount of time and energy. It was clear to Arevalo that Tallahassee Community College (TCC) would have to find a better way of authenticating students, or risk deteriorating the distant learning program’s quality of service. With student enrollment inceasing by about 1600% from one semester to the next, Arevalo was in desperate need of a proven authentication solution. Arevalo started an exhaustive search for an authentication solution for his Windows NT / IIS4 servers. He considered methods such as P&M and ADSI , yet determined that they were not feasible for the college.

Then a colleague turned Gerardo Arevalo turned onto AuthentiX from Flicks Software. Arevalo was thrilled. Not only is AuthentiX reasonably priced, but it has all of the features TCC required.

AuthentiX allows TCC to authenticate their students, without using NT usernames and passwords. TCC uses AuthentiX’s ODBC validation feature to authenticate their users against an existing ODBC database! This eliminated the need to manually input users each semester, and also allowed them to easily delete expired users!

Configuring AuthentiX was a breeze. With InstallShield, AuthentiX is easy to install yet extensible enough to handle the most demanding system configurations. The Windows GUI controls allow for easy configuration, and the remote administration tool allows the administrative staff to control permissions from any web browser.

Above all, Arevalo was impressed with Flicks Software technical support. Our experiences with technical support have been nothing below excellent! Response has been fast and friendly, sometimes receiving 2 different responses just hours apart. I have never seen anything so good in the industry. Thank you for a great product and team behind it. Case Study compiles weekly national charts from over one hundred radio stations worldwide in four music genres. These charts are then resold to radio programs nation wide on a subscription basis. also offers pre-release MP3 radio-only singles for download.

With their website hosted on a Windows NT / IIS-4 server, needed an easy to use out-of-the-box solution that would allow them to integrate online credit card clearing with access to their charts and MP3 singles.

For, Flicks Software’s WebQuota 5.3 was the only solution. Bob Blue and his administrative team review several solutions, but none exceeded WebQuota in the areas of security, support, and price !

Until they installed WebQuota,’s member only content was exposed. Potential profits were being lost due to a lack of authentication integrated with online credit card clearing.

WebQuota allows the ability to monitor account abuse. With the Limited Concurrent Logins feature, they can automatically identify usernames/passwords originating from multiple IP addresses simultaneously. This results from illicit users who post their username/password on usenet group and lists.

Additionally, WebQuota has Dictionary Attack Protection, which monitors the number of failed login attempts from a single IP address, and shuts down requests from the IP when your pre-determined threshold is surpassed. This, combined with Bandwidth Throttling, makes WebQuota the ideal tool for preventing account abuse on your IIS served content.

With InstallShield installation, WebQuota was easy to install. Using the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), Blue was able to password protect his member only content directories and files in a matter of minutes. In addition to the online credit card clearing integration, Blue takes advantage of the Remote Administration feature. This browser based tool allowed his administrative staff to control permissions from any web browser.

February 10, 2001 - Leeds, England, United Kingdom When Dave Pashby of Combined Actuatrial Performance Services (CAPS) needed to password protect their client-only financial information, he turned to WebQuota by Flicks Software. WebQuota includes all of the features of Flicks Software’s flagship authentication solution, AuthentiX, plus WebQuota has additional features which help prevent account abuse.

CAPS relies to two key features of WebQuota to protect their content served on a Windows NT server with IIS 4:

- WebQuota’s Dictionary Attack Protection (DAP) identifies and blocks illicit users who hammer the username/password field with random password generators.

- Limited Concurrent Logins helps identify users who give away, or worse post on the Internet, their username and password.

As a leading company in the United Kingdom’s financial markets, CAPS needed a proven solution to manage the security to client specific information that was to be made available through their web site.

Because this solution was so mission critical, CAPS took the time to review several options before selecting WebQuota.

"We had previously looked at a far more expensive solution, which had taken me 2 weeks to build a basic configuration. I acheived more in 2 hours with WebQuota", noted Dave Pashby.

Other major factors driving their selection of WebQuota over other more complicated authentication solutions included increased security, cost savings, and the ability to use their existing Oracle ODBC database of customer information.

Pashby noted about the installation, "It was so simple, I couldn't believe that was all there was to it." Pashby went on to say, "WebQuota did exactly what it was supposed to do, in an intuitive manner."

Dave Pashby has been thrilled with the post purchase support from Flicks Software. CAPS utilized the code samples included with the software to speed up their website development. They also took advantage of Flicks Software’s Online Support to address their questions 24 hours a day. Highly technical questions were address by lead Flicks Software developers. "Despite us being in the UK, we could rely on a response being there the next day when we emailed in a question."

1/19/2001 - Stockholm, Sweden

Jörgen Jäderberg of VVS-Information Data AB is further proof that people are talking about AuthentiX from Flicks Software. On the recommendation of Andreas Kviby of Devphiles AB, ( ), Jörgen chose AuthentiX to manage the user authentication of VVS-Information Data AB.

VVS-Information Data AB is owned by the organizations of sanitaryware and heating industry of Sweden. This group represents the wholesalers, producers, and installation organizations. VVS-Information Data AB manages the nation-specific numbering system known as RSK. RSK numbering is used throughout Sweden’s business wholesale chain.

Mr. Jäderberg needed a proven solution to authenticate users before they updated their product information in the RSK database. With about 350 company’s updating information on over 95,000 products, Jäderberg needed a robust solution that could handle heavy traffic.

AuthentiX exceeded his expectations. Not only did AuthentiX meet his authentication needs, but he found the software reasonably priced, and easy to use. Installation on his Windows NT server with IIS4 was "very fast and easy". Jäderberg found value in the increased security and easy administration that AuthentiX provided VVS. A fortunate thing for Mr Kviby as well.

1/23/2001 - Laurel, MD, USA

Time is money. No one knows that more than Kevin Bruffey, of ProTech Associates. For the past 16 years, ProTech has developed the industry's leading integrated association management solutions to meet the full range of association business requirements. For a recent client, Bruffey developed a pay-per download website, where users could purchase downloadable files. Within this site, he integrated an eCommerce web application. And to protect the web accessible folders holding that content, Bruffey turned to WebQuota.

WebQuota adds critical account abuse features to AuthentiX’s proven authentication solution. Those key features include:

· WebQuota’s Dictionary Attack Protection (DAP) identifies and blocks illicit users who hammer the username/password field with random password generators.

· Limited Concurrent Logins helps identify users who give away, or worse post on the Internet, their username and password.

· Bandwidth Throttling limits the amount of bandwidth a user can download within a given period of time.

Kevin Bruffey’s biggest challenge was to find an application that overlayed IIS 4.x or higher with ODBC/SQL database of usernames and IDs to protect web accessible folders/files. WebQuota allowed him to easily validate users against any existing ODBC database. For this particular project, Bruffey used an MY-SQL database. Kevin found installation of WebQuota onto his Windows 2000 (IIS5) server "Very easy and fast".

Easy to install, and reasonably priced, Bruffey’s experience with WebQuota has been nothing short of excellent. That he has yet to utilize any of Flicks Software’s various support options testifies to that fact.

Thanks to WebQuota, ProTech clients now have a "more secure and automated method of authenticating users to web application and resources (file downloads)".