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    FAQ - setting up Basic Authentication protection for a directory

    Here is how to setup browser based Remote Administration for AuthentiX.

    Some questions and answers.

    AuthentiX (TM) is a "Basic Authentication" add-on for Microsoft's IIS.

    It allows you to protect directories by asking browsers for their user's name and password.

    Standard DOS FAT drives like your C-Drive can be protected too.

    Each user can be given their own expiration date - just the thing for subscriptions.

    You can specify the Realm and the Fail message separately for each directory you protect. You can let visitors know what to do if they cannot log in.

    AuthentiX comes complete with remote administration using you favorite browser.

    Multiple directories, multiple groups, multiple users.

    Basic (Clear Text) is the most straightforward way to authenticate users. Although IIS supports this method, only AuthentiX allows this:

    • without compromising your system security
    • without needing to use slow, expensive SSL to protect system passwords
    • without a proprietary protocol such as NTCR (Integrated Windows Authentication in Windows 2000) which only works with one browser

    With AuthentiX you use the HTTP standard "Basic Authentication" and still keep your NT Users and Passwords separate and private.

    Directories not protected by AuthentiX can still be protected via NT's ACLs - IIS's built in file protection mechanism.

    AuthentiX decouples Authentication from the NT User Database:

    There are no cumbersome or expensive databases to setup.

    The NT User Database does not get clogged up with Web Access data.

    NT accounts are not transmitted over the net.

    AuthentiX frees the WebMaster from dependency on NTFS Access Control Lists.

    You do not need to set Basic (Clear Text) Password Authentication on your IIS Service Properties.

    You will have no problem with Basic Authentication if you run IIS on a PDC, because there are no local user database versus domain user database issues.

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