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AuthentiX ISP allows delegation of administration rights per-IP-Address and (new in 4.5) per-host-header.

AuthentiX ISP and WebQuota ISP, for Microsoft's IIS Internet Information Server.
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Free Trial Download - Authentix ISP, WebQuota ISP

For Internet Service Providers who need to support multiple customers each with their own community of users.
AuthentiX ISP allows you to set up your webhost customers as administrators.
They are able to remotely administer access to their subdirectories (and only their own subdirectories).
Permit your customers to set up premium web content areas.
Each customers database of usernames is separate and private from each other, and independent of your system's NT user/password database.
When a customer protects a directory, that protection only applies to http requests on that customer's IP address (ie they cannot protect other websites on that machine).

Host Header Support

Support for authentication via SQL stored procedures.
Integrated remote-browser-based ODBC username administration.
Remote super-user console mode.
Security pass-codes for asp remote admin and super-user remote admin.

Pricing and Purchasing
Free Trial Download - Authentix ISP, WebQuota ISP

YOU: " I'm an ISP. I want to give my customers protected directories, and let them remotely administer usernames and passwords with a browser. "

YOUR CUSTOMER: " I have a web site hosted with a service provider and I have sub-directories containing premium content. I want to be able to add users to access these directories myself whenever I feel like it. I want to grant access for one, two, or three months at a time. "

"Kickstart" instructions

  • Install the software, following the instructions provided.
  • When the AuthentiX ISP dialog pops up, double click on the IP address you want to enable.
  • Click the checkbox to enable this IP for AuthentiX ISP. Press OK.
  • Copy the entire aspAdminISP directory from the installation area into a script enabled directory of that IP's web.
  • Use a browser to browse to that directory/index.htm
  • Add some users.
  • Use the "Add Access" link to add access restrictions. You will need to know the absolute path of the directory to be protected (eg c:\wwwroot\customer1\membersOnly\). Don't protect the root of the web - you won't be able to get in! (without going back to the windows GUI).
  • Select the users you want to grant access, and add them to the list of permitted users.
  • The protected directory is now set up!
  • Note: If you are setting up administrators by host-header, then modify the incl.asp file in each aspAdminISP directory to reflect the correct host-header. See the incl.asp file for more details.

Each virtual-server/customer is their own Administrator.

Here is On-line help for customer/administrators (included in download).

Each Administrator has their own directory protection access data base.

Each Administrator and the ISP System Administrator uses Browser based remote administration. Each Administrator has their own separate administration password.

AuthentiX ISP is based upon the same architecture as the proven


When a Virtual Domain is enabled with AuthentiX ISP, your end users will be able to protect their subdirectories with Basic Authentication.

Because AuthentiX is compatible with FrontPage as well as other remote authoring packages, you can now offer a service that will differentiate you from your competitors: customer administered Basic Authentication.

Each Virtual Domain has its own database of usernames/passwords/expiry-dates so each customer is fenced off from other customers.

You can let customers manipulate their own username/password space, without worrying about modifications to your NT username/password database.


From: info@MetaLab.com
Subject: Thanks!


Thanks for the help this afternoon, AuthentiX ISP is the ideal solution in
my opinion for anyone wanting to setup a powerful and flexible access
verification system on an iis server, it also saved us many hours of headache! 
The simple solutions you provided to us actually helped us keep a customer 
who was getting increasingly frustrated with the problems and limitations 
of the built-in security of iis.

best regards,
Metalab Communications, Inc.

Return-Path: <Brett@InterWebDesign.com> From: <Brett@InterWebDesign.com> To: "Kevin" <kevin@flicks.com> Subject: RE: AuthentiX ISP I nearly tore all my hair out looking for a delegated authentication system for Windows NT/2000. AuthentiX ISP has met and exceeded all my expectations. Easy to set up and virtually self maintaining. All my virtually hosted customers can protect any portion of their website with any number of usernames and passwords, without any need for my involvement. Thanks to AuthentiX I can offer a much higher level of service to my customers choosing Windows NT/2000 hosting. Brett Error InterWeb Design and Hosting

The System Administrator (the ISP's webmaster) has both a Windows GUI administration tool as well as a browser based remote administration ISAPI extention.
Also has full ASP remote administration with ASP source code, and you can configure these pages for you own ISP's look and feel.

Customers can specify the Realm and the Fail message separately for each directory they protect.

Remote super-user console mode - Add/Modify domains:

AuthentiX ISP
Pricing and Purchasing

(WebQuota ISP now available)

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System Requirements: MS IIS Web Server V4, V5, Intel, Windows NT 4.0, 2000

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