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AuthentiX OCX Component

The AuthentiX OCX component automates access to and manipulation of the AuthentiX username/password database.

Start Here: AuthentiX OCX Component Documentation

AuthentiX OCX Comprehensive Reference (Version 3.1 and above)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating your own component for custom authentication with the AuthentiX Extensibility SDK.

Dynamic Response Specification (Version 4.0b and above)

Useful things to do with AuthentiX OCX

  • Setup a page that allows a user to change his own password (starter sample supplied in the ASPOCXSamples/changePassword subdirectory of the installation directory).
  • Echo back the user's name on the first page after he logs in, using CurrentUserName
  • Submit a form, then grant the user access to a premium content directory as a reward/requirement for the feedback. Used for free trial downloads of Flicks Software products such as WebQuota (starter sample supplied in the "\ASPocxSamples\WebQuota Signup Sample" subdirectory of the installation directory).
OCX Component Problem solver.
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