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Download Instructions: AuthentiX Trial

For sales info email sales@flicks.com.
For support info email support@flicks.com.

Installation Instructions: AuthentiX


Make sure Windows NT 4/2000 or above, IIS 3 or above is installed on your machine and you are logged in as an administrator.

Important note: For correct operations under Windows 2008/IIS 7, MS KB960267 patch *must* be applied first.

Read the agreement.

Read the FAQ and refer to it.

To set up Basic Authentication protection for a directory follow these directions.

Here is how to setup browser based Remote Administration for AuthentiX. Note that the ASP remote administration method is the preferred method of remote administration. Drop the aspAdmin directory (from the flicks\authx installation directory) into an execute enabled subdirectory of your webroot. Then load index.htm.

You're done. For support email support@flicks.com.