AuthentiX Guided Tour: Basic Authentication Settings


You cannot change the settings on your machine from this web page!

Instead you must run the AuthentiX program on the same machine it is installed on and navigate to the above Windows GUI dialog. Go to the top of this guided tour.

This dialog applies to both WebQuota and AuthentiX.
With AuthentiX 100 these settings cannot be changed.


The Realm (or Authentication Realm) is the text that appears above the username and password entry fields in the Basic Authentication dialog box that pops up when you try to access a protected area. (See also here).

The Denied Message is what the browser displays if access is denied or the user escapes out of the popup dialog.

Cookie Failover (version 5.3e and above) allows you to use cookies if the client's browser accepts these, otherwise use Basic Authentication.

To get to this dialog, run the WebQuota (or AuthentiX) Windows GUI, by pressing Start, selecting Programs, Flicks, and then selecting the program itself.
Click on the Access button.
Click on the directory you want to edit the message for.
Click Edit.
Select the Basic/Cookie tab.
Click the Message Button.
Modify the message.
Click OK.
Click OK.
Click OK.
Click OK.

Alternatively, you may have browser-based administration setup, in which case you can use that to remotely modify the configuration.

Help on using the POST checkbox option (defunct)

Help on using the COM Component option