The AXByNT component validates against a specified file providing AuthentiX protection against the NTFS SAM.
If the username and password supplied has read permission to access the file then access is granted.

Can be used in combination with the AuthentiX Internal Database, or ODBC database.
If not found there then AuthentiX will "failover" to the AXByNT.



Program ID

Return Values
1 for success
3 for could not logon as user (bad username)
6 for could not access file as this user (bad password)


Register AXByNT.ocx with the system using regsvr32.exe. From the command line you would enter "regsvr32 AXByNT.ocx"
Place the Program ID in the "Authenticate By Custom COM Component" dialog ProgID field.
Click the Options button, and put the full path to the file in the "Optional User Field".
Use Windows Explorer to select this same file. Right click for properties, and click on the Security tab, then click the Permissions button.
Add/remove NT Users and NT Groups as appropriate.

Applies To

AuthentiX Extensibility SDK