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Browser Based Remote Administration of AuthentiX

In the AuthentiX installation directory there is a sub-directory called aspAdmin (or aspAdminISP for AuthentiX ISP). Copy this entire directory into into an execute enabled subdirectory of your webroot. Then browse to this directory via http (not directly via the file system).

The remote administration main screen will appear.

You may wish to rename the directory, so that malicious people will not immediately guess where it is.

Be sure to set up protection for this directory. Click on the link "Administrator Settings", which will indicate whether the current directory is protected, and offers a single button to set up AuthentiX protection for that directory.

There other ways to protect the directory, for example "By Referrer", which can be used in combination.
In addition the Operating System allows you to protect with NT protection, and/or combine any of these methods with SSL.

Apply the level of protection that you feel is appropriate.
Definitely do not announce to the world the location of this directory and leave it unprotected! (Do I even need to say this?)

Remote administration is implemented via the AuthentiX OCX component.

For help with any problems with ASP/OCX components, please see the OCX Component Problem solver.

Q. AuthentiX ISP only: We are interested in keeping the AuthentiX ISP files in one central location to be accessed by all clients on the machine. Is there any way around having to copy the aspAdmin directory into the root of every clients directory?

A. If you are using IIS3 then this is no problem. Just create a virtual directory (for all IP addresses) that points to this single location. With IIS4 it is a little more difficult because IIS4 does not permit you to set up a virtual dir for all addresses, you have to set up each IP by hand.
Once you have done this however, the AuthentiX ISP ASP remote admin will work fine, because it differentiates between users based on the IP Address the request comes in on. This note does not apply to AuthentiX (standard).

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