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The UserPassword property gets or sets a specified user's password.
Once you have the current username (with CurrentUserName), use this function to get the user's password out of the internal database.
If you are using an ODBC database, use ASP/ADO to get the user details out of your ODBC database instead.


UserPassword (userName)


Specifies the name of the user.


If password encryption is enabled, the password will be returned in its encrypted form.

You can use the CurrentUsername method to find out the current user name, If your usernames and passwords are stored in an ODBC database, asking AuthentiX to inspect its internal database via UserPassword to find the password that corresponds to this username will not return the desired results.
You need to query your ODBC database, supplying the username in the query, in order to retrieve the corresponding password.


There is a an example with a form in the sub-directory \aspocxsamples\changePassword of the installation directory.

The following gets a UserPassword.

usingAuthentiXStandard = true
if (usingAuthentiXStandard) then
Set AuthX = Server.CreateObject("AUTHXOCX.AuthXOCXCtrl.1") 
Set AuthX = Server.CreateObject("AUTHXISP.AuthXOCXCtrl.1") 
protectedDomain = Request.ServerVariables("LOCAL_ADDR")
'protectedDomain = "hostheader.com"
AuthX.SetVirtualDomain protectedDomain, Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")
end if
Brian's password is
<%= AuthX.UserPassword("Brian") %>


Applies To

AuthentiX OCX Component


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