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About Our Founder:

Kevin Flick
Founder & CEO

Kevin is an industry veteran, with more than 15 years experience in the field of software development. Formerly a lead developer for Peter Norton [Norton Utilities; Norton AntiVirus], Kevin has been touted for his ability to provide in depth development and management solutions to such customers as IBM, Citicorp, and NatWest Bank (find out more about Our Clients). Kevin has contributed in fields as wide ranging as UNIX OS enhancements, Retail Management Systems, and multi-threaded DOS. From a low-level understanding of Operating Systems all the way through to the attractive Graphical User Interface Design, Kevin has experience with the full cycle of product development. Kevin is the author of Luckman's WebCommander (TM) for Windows NT and Windows95, published by Luckman Interactive.

Kevin received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Southampton University, and his Masters from Queen Mary College, London University.


About Our Company:

Formed in 1995, Flicks Software specializes in membership systems and email software for the web providing, products for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS 1-6), Windows Media Services (WMS), Windows NT and Windows 2000-2003.



About Our Solutions:

Flicks Software specializes in developing software for intranets and the internet. In particular, we have focused on ASP, COM, and ISAPI CGI as well as Filter Software Development for Microsoft's IIS and Luckman's web server. Flicks Software brings in depth experience of the Windows Win32 API, HTTP protocols, ODBC database interconnectivity, Java, ActiveX and ASP development. Flicks Software has a proven track record of reliable, robust, fast & optimized web oriented software. We invite you to review a more detailed explaination of our products.


About Our Clients:

Flicks Software enjoys a broad scope of clients. We are proud of our ability to service some of the most well-known businesses worldwide. We invite you to review our customer gallery, and become one of our clients too.


About Our Careers:

There are no positions currently open.


Our Contact Information:

Flicks Software (tel) 310-993-3090
2021 Ocean Ave #225 (fax) (928) 597-5984
Santa Monica, CA, 90405 (email) sales@flicks.com

Privacy Policy:

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