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Q. I am using referral protection however, with MPEGS and pdf's it does not work - users are denied access, and with printing CSS I have the same problem.


You need to set up the pdf Mime Type in IIS to get this to work properly.

In IIS Web Properties:
In the Mime Map area, click on the File Types.
Then New Type
First field enter your extension: pdf
Second field enter a description eg: Adobe Acrobat Files

See also here.

You could also try using cookie-based protection. Some clients (notably pdf) work properly with cookies.

The following are protected by referrer:

/pdf/iQuePalmManual.pdf, 5MB+
/pdf/ENUtxt.pdf, 7k

For WMV files, you will need to embed the video, (code for this is here).
/pdf/copycd.wmv, 373KB

You won't be able to directly access
for example. Cut and paste the url into your browser to see.

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