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Q. I want to protect pages and sell access to them automatically.


First you need to setup your website, either on your own machine with your own dedicated internet connection, or with one of our recommended ISP's. Create a directory containing the content to which you want to sell access.

You need to be able to accept online payments. You can either setup your own merchant account and connect this up to one of our recommended credit card clearers or discuss your requirements with one of our recommended credit card clearers and use their merchant credit card account.

Protect your saleable content directory with AuthentiX and an AuthentiX internal database group. This group should match the group coded in the free script mentioned below.

Use one of the free Credit-card-clearer AuthentiX integration scripts (each credit-card clearer has a slightly different version). Work with your selected Credit-card-clearer to make sure this is setup right for your environment and works for you.

Use the html order form supplied by your selected Credit-card-clearer to let customers order access to your protected content.

The combination of the free integration script, your credit card clearer, your ISP (if appropriate), and the order form will allow you to automatically sell access to protected pages.

Other notes:

  • If you just want automatic signup, without charging money, as with the signup for AuthentiX and WebQuota (which uses the email address as the username and sends an email to the person signing up), then check out the sample in the installation directory
    "\ASPocxSamples\WebQuota Signup Sample"
  • If you want to send additional emails to yourself, confirming various other order details, then you can modify the free installation script, which is called after the order is accepted, and before the customer is granted access. See the bonus OCX method SMTPSendMail or the dedicated email products OCXMail and ocxQmail.
  • If you want to signup users for 30, 60, or 90 days, then carefully refer to the signup sample and modify the free signup script appropriately.
  • If you have, or anticipate a large number of users, consider using an ODBC database instead refer to the ODBC signup sample and modify the free signup script appropriately, and refer to the ODBC FAQ and related documentation.

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