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Q. Migration, ASP, .NET and integration.

Our company, like so many, is rushing to migrate all of our existing web applications from ASP to ASP .NET. However, this process is taking time as we strive to manage our new project development and still migrate old development.

With that said, we need to put an authentication process in place that will work with our new .net web applications and old ASP applications.

Our hope is to create a single portal that will authenticate a web user and then give them links to access all of our different online applications (both ASP &

All of our applications are running on a single server. (Windows 2003, SQL Server 7, IIS 6) The applications are however running under different websites. We have approximately 5 different websites. We are currently working to combine all of the applications and sites into a single website as we migrate everything to .NET. However, that currently isn't the case.

Our Need: We need to authenticate the user one time and then allow them to move between the different applications. Again, some of the applications are setup within different web sites and some are ASP others .NET.

A. This is an excellent question.

I suggest that you use AuthentiX with cookie-based authentication.

set this up per the instructions and note how the easyloginnow.asp works - it receives the username and password from the login form, and creates the AXCOOKIELOGIN.

You can modify easyloginnow.asp so that it also sets up session variables etc that are required for your other mechanisms. Or you can take another .NET login aspx file, and modify that to create the AXCOOKIELOGIN as is done in easyloginnow.asp.

Please let me know if you need further help.

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