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Q. I cannot completely uninstall. I am having problems uninstalling.
How do I manually uninstall?


Possibly you now have less permissions than when you first installed.

Make a backup copy of your authx.adb files (or *.adb for AX ISP), if you want to preserve the configuration information.

Go to Control Panel Services, Stop IISAdmin and its subservices (ie IIS).

Check that the Event Viewer is not running.

Close the AuthentiX Windows GUI if it is running.

Close all Microsoft Management Service Consoles

Now double check: Go to the task manager, and look in the "Processes" to see if there is any AuthentiX application running, or IIS or Event Viewer process running? (Authx.exe or inetinfo.exe) Close all Microsoft Management Service Consoles (MMC.exe).

Uninstall the software. Look in the installation directory and make sure only the authx.adb remains.

Go to the system32 directory. If present, delete the file authxdb.dll and the file axodbc.dll (for AX ISP this will be axispdb.dll and ispodbc.dll).

If there are any files that cannot be deleted then rename, and reboot.

Then install again.

Make sure that the installation directory is populated with the installation files.
Make sure that authxdb.dll and axodbc.dll are in the system32 directory,

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