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Q. Lots of IIS startup messages! Authentix is filling our Application Event Log with entries. They are mostly Informational events, such as the one I pasted below. How can I turn these off?


These messages are normal startup messages. Every time the AuthentiX ISAPI plug-in filter starts, it outputs these messages.

The AuthentiX ISAPI plug-in filter starts up when IIS starts up.

If the AuthentiX ISAPI plug-in filter starts up frequently it is because IIS starts up frequently.

Assuming auto-recovery is on (and it must be here) IIS will startup frequently if it crashes frequently.

It will crash frequently if it running an application that crashes frequently.

You are seeing AuthentiX messages frequently and so you are assuming the problem is caused by AuthentiX. Instead, the messages are a symptom of another issue.

100% of the times I have seen frequent startup messages like this from AuthentiX it is because of another application crashing IIS.

For example, one customer who was using a (rather rare) IIS programming language found that when he moved to IIS6 he got these frequent messages. It turned out the programming language interpreter crashed IIS at the end of each page it was called from, although the page itself would actually be served (the last one before crash and recovery). It worked ok under IIS5.

Try turning off auto-recovery and observe IIS failing. Then check the Event Log for clues.

If enough people ask, I will add a registry switch so that you can turn these messages off.
That way, AuthentiX will not fill up your Event Log with startup messages (always annoying!) and the actual cause of IIS restarting will remain hidden until your system crashes and burns later and you will be none the wiser why.
AuthentiX is just the messenger here.

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