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Q. I want to install the software on a second machine because we are moving the website to this new machine. How do I move the AuthentiX/WebQuota settings to the new machine?


For AuthentiX or WebQuota Standard

Look for the adb (AuthentiX database) file in the existing installation directory. Create the new installation directory on the new machine. Copy the authx.adb file to the new installation directory. Then install the software into this new directory, using the zip file and serial/reg codes you used for the original installation (or the zip file that was recently sent to you, if you just upgraded).

You can find the serial number in the About Box.
If you do not have the original zip file, then you will need to upgrade (if purchased within the last 3 years) or purchase a new licence - Flicks Software does not provide backup services.

The settings will be ready and waiting.

If you try to copy the authx.adb to a machine that is running IIS &/or the AuthentiX Windows GUI (or any other programs holding open AuthentiX files) then it will not succeed. You must stop all these programs first.

For AuthentiX or WebQuota ISP

follow the same process, but move the entire authxISPData directory to the new machine. If the IP addresses change, then rename the individual adb data files to the corresponding new IP address.

For Standard to ISP or ISP to Standard

Prior to Version 5.8, only users can be
imported/exported, other settings must be done by hand.

With Version 5.8 and above, all adb files are compatible, and can be interchanged using the above guidelines.
Upgrade your target software (Standard or ISP) as necessary, and use a free trial download for the old software to convert the adb file to 5.8 and above format.


Note: if you originally order the software "by IP Address" and you want to move it to another machine, then you will need to purchase an upgrade . Be sure that you are able to accept large attachments up to 4MB.

In WebQuota, if you have set additional IP Addresses in Options/AOL-Limit-Logins, you can copy the old machine's list of IP Addresses out of the registry, using regedt32.exe,

	/Flicks Software
and paste into the new machine's registry in the same location.

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