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Q. When I use the Software to protect a subdirectory of a frontpage directory, I cannot edit it with Frontpage (or Visual Interdev)!

A. In Internet Service Manager, Turn off Basic (Clear Text), and turn on NT Challenge response. The Software will validate for Basic, and let through NTCR (Integrated Windows Authentication in Windows 2000) requests that Frontpage uses.
If for some reason you must use Basic (Clear Text) for Frontpage editing, look in the Options dialog. You will see "Don't authenticate Frontpage subdirectories (with _vti_ in them) even if they are in a protected directory."
Check it.
If this still does not work, try creating an AuthentiX "root user" with the same username and password as the NT user that administers the website. Grant permission for that user.

One customer reported that if the username/password in Frontpage is the exact same as the one in AuthentiX, an AuthentiX prompt appears, although escaping out will let you in no problem.
To fix, make the username/password different in each.

Subweb by Frontpage, user1 is username is the same exact as in AuthentiX and Frontpage admin it prompts. Changing the Frontpage username/password fixes this.

Make sure the Frontpage filter is loaded after the AuthentiX filter.

If you are using Frontpage for the root of the website, you may also have to unprotect individual files in the root directory that Frontpage requires access to (eg _vti_inf.html). Add the file as an AuthentiX protected file and uncheck ODBC and Internal DB protection (both). Alternatively, just protect those individual files in the root that you need to protect.

There are some situations where IIS Basic Authentication must be used instead of NTCR/NTFS (Integrated Windows Authentication in Windows 2000) authentication, for example, if there is a proxy server being used.

One solution is to create a username and password in AuthentiX that matches the NT username and password, and permit the AuthentiX user to that directory.

Another way to approach this issue is to use 2 IP addresses to access the same website, one for Frontpage only, the other for the public (but AuthentiX protected) website. Then use AuthentiX ISP (-not- AuthentiX standard) to protect the public website via the public IP address, and do not protect the (private) Frontpage IP address. Make sure read access is permitted for everyone, and write access permitted just for the Frontpage user. This may be your only solution if you want to use Frontpage as well as CurrentUserName, because of Microsoft bug Case Number SR X980 2166010 644.

Also see the FAQ item here,
and Microsoft's comments here

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