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Q. The software keeps prompting me (three times or more!) on the page in the protected directory. It is a terrific page, it's got stylesheets, framesets, a whole bunch of cool gifs, all the latest stuff and more. Why am I having problems?

Likely you are including something outside of the protected area, the browser is sending the credentials (username/password) to the non-protected area, and IIS thinks it should authenticate the request, but it doesn't recognise the AuthentiX username/password. This is why you are seeing the pop-up dialog with a different realm than the realm specified in AuthentiX.

[NB, see also here]

Alternatively, you could be using a complex set of html/asp features, that is confusing the browser, so that the browser is sending authentication information in the http header when it should not be, or failing to send authentication information when it should be.

Create a directory with just one simple htm file in it. Protect it with AuthentiX and see what happens. If all is well, add a graphic and an <img src> tag. If all is well, keep adding things from the page that is not working right, one by one, until you get the problem. The last thing you added after the last edition that was working right is what is causing the problem.

Additional info:

If you are using ASP server object features such as MapPath, then check this FAQ.

You could also try turning on NT Security Auditing for the directories and files in question, and check the event log for more information.

One user reported that turning on logging would stop reprompts (!). As far as we know there is no possible relation between logging (which happens right at the end of a request) and authorization (which happens right at the start). We have only heard of this one time, but if it happens for you, let us know...
Another user reported this (Windows 2000/IIS5), and turning on logging fixed it! (10/1/04)
And a third (Windows 2000/IIS5/SP4).

An additional workaround (particularly useful for users experiencing problems with Excel, PDF, and Word files) is the following:

If you are reprompted for excel files, but not for jpg s in the same directory, then it is most likely an issue of how the excel file handles the authentication.

For those files that reprompt, you could get the current username:

then populate the link using the following formula:
(but see here).

where username is the username variable and password is the password variable.

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