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Q. I am using AuthentiX/WebQuota ISP, however I cannot get into any of my websites when AuthentiX is installed. I turned on the Option to "Show reason in Access Denied message", and I get DENIED_INVALID_3b

A. This message means "cannot find serverhome". When you run the AuthentiX windows GUI, make sure the full list of your machines IP Addresses come up. Make sure you are using static IP addresses, not DHCP. With IIS4/5 (and above) make sure that the IISAdmin is running. Make sure the filter is loaded at the machine level and not on a sub-web.

Also see here.

Q. ODBC Case Insensitive passwords: I use Access as a database, and the username lookup is case insensitive which I like. How do I get the password to be case insensistive too?

A. Goto the Options/ODBC dialog and unset the Case Sensitive checkbox.

Also, this is an interesting MSSQL statement which may be of assistance:


Q. I want to change the dialog box the user sees when logging in using Basic Authentication. Where in AuthentiX do I set this up?


The login dialog box presented to the user is part of the browser. The only way to change it is to modify the browser source code. AuthentiX cannot change it at all. You can however modify the realm and the message the user sees when the login fails.

If you need to control exactly what the user sees when logging in, then change to protection by cookie, and create an html form that suits.

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