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Q. IIS4 filter installation problems

A. From version 5.1 and above, successful installation is as easy as it could possibly be, including automatic installation of the filter, and popping up the AuthentiX main dialog which now has a confirmation message indicating the successful installtion of the filter:

If you have any previous versions of the software (AuthentiX or WebQuota) uninstall it from the control panel (Services - Add/Remove programs). Your data files (*.adb) will be preserved.

Run setup.exe.

Note - if you have disabled the 16-bit Windows subsystem, InstallShield won't even load, let alone work properly. You will get no error messages, nothing. Re-enable the 16-bit Windows subsystem. Turn it off after if you need to.
See also here.

Now follow the beginner's step by step to protect directories.

For versions prior to this, or if the automated installations runs into problems, please refer to the following:

Make sure you followed the installation instructions you saw when you installed the software.
Here they are again for your reference.

Go to the Microsoft Management Console for IIS.
Click on the item with your machine name.
Right click on it and select Properties.
Click on edit and select the ISAPI Filters tab.
Click on add and type in
Membership Protection Software
in the filter name field.
Click the browse button and select the filter
in the installation directory
If it does not appear, Explorer/View/Options "Hide System Files" is checked, so you'll have to type in authxflt.dll by hand.
Press OK until you return to the ISAPI filters tab.

The filter should now be installed.
If the filter's priority is unknown (it will be at first),
Apply and OK all changes until you have exited the
Microsoft Management Console.
Then stop IIS Admin Service (IIS4/5 and above) or World Wide Web
Publishing Service (IIS3) from the Control-Panel/Services and restart.
Return to the ISAPI filters tab again.

Are you sure you are installing the filter at the machine level (in the MMC tree) and not on a sub-web? And then checking the same place? If you see
An attempt was made to load filter 'C:\Program Files\Flicks Software\AuthentiX\AuthXflt.dll' on a server instance but it requires the SF_NOTIFY_READ_RAW_DATA filter notification so it must be loaded as a global filter.
in the Event Log then you are trying to load the filter on the default website, or a sub-web. You need to load it at the machine level per the instructions above.

In the application event log, when you start IIS, there should be a message containing "Successfully Loaded Configuration Data", and another containing "AuthentiX Started". If not there then the filter is not installed properly.
Try stopping and restarting IIS Admin Service (IIS4/5 and above) or World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS3) from the control panel and restart. Stopping IIS 4 from Microsoft Management Console (MMC) has virtually no effect. Be sure to stop and restart from the CONTROL PANEL. If that doesn't work try a reboot (this can make the difference!).


In order to first make sure that permissions are not an issue in the correct operation of the software, make sure IUSR_machineName and IWAM_machineName have full access to the flicks installation directory and the system32 directory. If this does not work, grant Full Access to Everyone for the Flicks Installation directory, and all subdirectories and files. You may wish to experiment with reducing the amount of access granted to these directories, in accordance with any security policy. Likely you will need at least write access to the Flicks installation directory, so that the ASP based remote Administration can update its configuration files held there. Also you will definitely need at least read permission on system32!
The software needs Users Group to have at least Read permission on all folders down from the root.

If you are still having problems see here.

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