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Q. 16bit, 16-bit 16 bit errors on Installation. NTVDM.

A. Kevin, your FAQ should definitely include a comment in it about installing from a directory that is longer than 8 characters on machines that have 8.3 filenames disabled. Microsoft says that 8.3 filenames should be turned OFF for security, and that caused your software to exit with a mysterious message when I tried to install it from the C:\authentix directory on my server. The problem is caused by a 16-bit install program that you're using. You can easily duplicate the problem and the error message by changing the registry values below, using regedt32.exe, from 0 to 1 (see the URL below for more info). Try making these changes, and then install from a directory that has more than 8 characters in its name to duplicate this problem:

  NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation [change value to 1]
  Win31FileSystem [change value to 1]

Thanks Steve, now it does!
Seems like other programs, even IE can have this problem too!

Note also that the install application requires the 16bit WOW Services to be running. If you have removed WOW from the server then the install will fail.

One user resolved the issue this way:
as a work-a-round I used SMS Installer to package it as a 32bit app and installed it from that. This has worked with a small amount of manual tweaking such as adding the filter and copying the authxocx.ocx to a directory off the root without spaces and less than 8 characters and registering it from there.

Also see here.

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