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Released 1st May 1998

Retrieve text content for html presentation, save jpg, gif, pdf, binary files files to disk.

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Flicks Software's OCXHttp component lets you make HTTP requests from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components, including ASP IIS, VB, and more.

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OCXHttp includes full support for GET, HEAD and POST requests.

Your program can set any request header, eg:

  • Accept: */*
  • Accept: application/vnd.ms-excel, application/msword, application/vnd.ms-powerpoint, image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, */*
  • UserAgent: Mario's UserAgent Browser
  • Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded (set automatically for POSTs - but can be overridden)
  • UA-pixels: 1152x882

After a request, all response headers and return codes are available for inspection including:

  • Accept Ranges
  • Status Text
  • Cookies - including multiple cookies on one file!
  • Content Type
  • More...

Multiple headers with the same name (for example multiple cookies - Set-Cookie) are easily viewed with the QueryInfoEx method.

Simple and advanced samples included.

Full support Basic Authentication

Helpful, text based error messages.

System Requirements:

  • Any 32-bit windows program that can host an ActiveX/OLE component.
  • wininet.dll in the system32 directory
*Note that due to a problem with wininet.dll that comes with Internet Explorer 4.01, SSL will not work. IE4.01 and above disable SSL! Use a version prior to IE4.01 on your server machine, or contact Microsoft for details on when a fix will be available. Customers report variable results with IE5. IMPORTANT: See the FAQ for full details.

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Order Now $189

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