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SANTA MONICA, CA (July 2, 1997) - Flicks Software, a leading provider of software for the Internet, today announced an easy-to-use utility called Flicks Software's OCXMail

Installshield setup. Automatic installation, and
automatic registration of the component as an OCX on your system!

September 27, 1997 - Flicks Software releases Version 2 of OCXMail. Version 2 permits attachments. 2.3 includes improvements for Express, Exchange and Netscape Communicator 4.04 email clients.
includes the SendX function which allows blind-copies, mail-priority, receipt-requested and more!

2.5 accomodates Microsoft Outlook which does not interpret all RFC822 message date formats correctly.
2.52 includes improvements for text and other attachments.
3.0d (7/28/00) is the latest version of ocxQmail - which has the additional functionality of being able to specify multiple mailservers, failing over to the next in the list if the previous ones are down or unavaliable.
Seamlessly upgrade to ocxQmail from OCXMail without any source code ASP/VB changes on your website!

Flicks Software's OCXMail ASP component allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.

The utility will be available for download beginning Wednesday, 2nd July 1997, from Flicks Software's site at http://www.flicks.com .

Flicks Software's OCXMail was created by extracting and enhancing an email feature from AuthentiX™ , a "Basic Authentication" IIS Permission Checker currently shipping.

"We had recognized the need for an easy ASP emailing solution in AuthentiX ," said Kevin Flick, President of Flicks Sofware, "and made OCXMail a feature of the product. Because it is such a simple and effective solution we decided that we should pull out the email feature and make it available immediately to all Internet developers as a separate free utility."

Flicks Software is a leading provider of client/server software. The privately held development company has principal offices in Santa Monica, California.

Check the FAQ!.

Flicks Software's Web address is http://www.flicks.com.

Full documentation including Perl, SQL Server, Visual Basic and ASP examples.


More people are using OCXMail than all other commercial competitors combined. Here's why:

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