Flicks.com domain for Auction.

In the next few weeks, flicks.com will be up for auction.

If wish to be notified of the auction of the domain flicks.com

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Newsflash Oct/2015 Windows Server 2008 32 bit is available:
See MS instructions
64 bit Windows does not support 16 bit InstallShield installation software. See here for manual 64 bit install. The MFC Development Tools used to build this software do not support 64 bit. They can not run in native 64 bit application space on a 64 bit Windows Swerver

32 bit carries on as normal. Feb 15, 2010.

Little known fact. In 1991 I designed and implemented the very first version of Norton Antivirus, as a software developer for Peter Norton Inc, just after it was bought by Symantec.

           Proven standard for IIS security and authentication since 1995.

The essential tool for website access management

Prevent web account abuse.
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